Perozone® system

Perozone is an unique and multifunctional gas/liquid injectionsystem that can be used for remediation of various organic contaminants such as VOC, mineral oil, BTEXN and PAH. The system offers possibilities for combinations of various gas/liquid injections. In practice, the system is mainly applied to inject ozone and hydrogen peroxide. The Perozone system uses unique filters, " Laminar Spargepoints" which are designed to mix gas and liquid in the soil. That makes Perozone very suitable to clean up the soil in a safe, effective and cost-efficient manner.

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Advanced Oxidation Processes

During the Perozone process ozone decomposes in reaction with hydrogen peroxide.

H2O2 and O3

Various complex organic compounds can be dealt with because of the high oxidation power of Perozone


Specialized (sub)contractor and/or advisor.


Ozone and hydrogen pe-
roxide mix in the Laminar Spargepoint.


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Our Team

Our Team

ISCO3 works with enthusiastic, passionate and acknowledged professionals who like to share their knowledge with you.

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Our services

Our services

Our services are based on cooperation, sharing knowledge, environmental awareness and trust in each other.

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Our results

Our results

The Perozone system can achieve outstanding results with very high returns.

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About Perozone®


Seeing is believing

The patented Perozone© system can achieve outstanding results with very high returns.

we rely on the power of collaboration, trust in each other is the foundation for the future.


The soil comes first

Soil life is not disturbed structurally by using Perozone. For various compounds biodegradation can be stimulated by using Perozone.

objectivity is a top priority, the soil is our starting