'Sharing technology, creating a future'

The professionals of ISCO3 are enthusiastic, passionate and acknowledged. They like to talk about their passion, their work, and to share the vast knowledge. They are all driven by the same background and interests: the environment, or more specifically to solve your environmental problem. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said: 'A nation that destroys its soils, destroys itself.' Quoting this phrase, does this means ISCO3 is a team of idealists? Yes, and no ... .

Yes, because the fundaments of isco3 are environmental awareness, sustainability and green technology.

No, we do not lose sight of reality. We are truly able to work together, to achieve extraordinary results using our technologies and make the world a little bit cleaner.

So, what can we do for you?

ISCO3 has exclusive rights to the application of the C-sparger, Micro Diffuser and Perozone technology for the European market. We have become the specialist in the field of Perozone technology in Europe. We are willing to share this knowledge trough:

Remediation projects
During remediation projects ISCO3 can fulfill the role of (sub)contractor. Over the years ISCO3 has gained experience with various pilot tests and full scale remediation projects. We are familiar with laboratory testing. To get an impression of the diversity and quality of our work, we refer to our project page.

Transfer of knowledge
As a specialist, it is our task to share the knowledge of in-situ remediation we have built, the perozone technique and the developments of technologies. There is no standard solution for soil problems, so we like to deliver customized solutions. We can support you as an in-situ remediation advisor or provide seminars on various subjects. For more information, please contact Roel de Lepper.