Perozone is a unique and multifunctional gas/liquid injection that can be used for remediation of various organic contaminants such as VOC, mineral oil, BTEXN and PAH. The system offers possibilities for combinations of various gas/liquid injections. In practice, the system is mainly applied to inject ozone and hydrogen peroxide. The Perozone system uses unique filters, " Laminar Spargepoints" which are designed to mix gas and liquid only in the soil. That makes Perozone very suitable to clean up the soil safe, effective and cost-efficient.

What makes the technique so special?
  • Substances that occur in nature (ozone, air and hydrogen peroxide) are injected and form together OH-radicals with a tremendous oxidation power of 2,8 V.
  • By creating the coated micro-bubbles an optimal contact is ensure between the oxidant and the contamination.
  • During and after the remediation no new impurities are left behind, nor pH changes structurally disrupt the soil.
  • By applying the Perozone technique no displacement effects are seen.
  • By applying injection manifolds, spargetrees and by surveying the installation by using an internet connection (CARS-system) an optimal control of the remediation process is guaranteed. Injection pressures, concentrations and flows can be adapted from distance.
  • Also works in calcareous soils.