Perozone 3.0

Perozone 3.0 is a continued development of the existing Perozone system. Through the adaptation of the system we are able to increase the oxidizing potential of 2.8V to approximately 3.0V. This is an unprecedented power in de world of chemical oxidation. The oxidation potential makes it possible to degrade substances that until recently only at extremely high temperatures (above 1.000 ˚C) were to break down. The Perozone 3.0 system is specially developed for the remediation of PFOS/PFOA (or Emerging Contaminations). The system can also be used to remove a variety of drugs from wastewater.

Perozone 3.0 has various applications
The system can be deployed either as in situ remediation system (just like the original Perozone system) as well as a waste water treatment system and even as a purification step after soil treatment.

Perozone 3.0 as a replacement of activated carbon?
Perozone 3.0 could be the solution for the remediation of persistent and complex substances such as PFOS and related compounds. At present, huge amounts of activated carbon are used to remove these substances. Whereby the deposit/processing of the activated carbon is a problem in itself.
Laboratory tests performed using Perozone 3.0 show good results which give confidence for a greater commitment in the field. In America the first pilot test with Perozone 3.0 will start in the summer of 2015. ISCO3 is expected to perform the first pilot test in Germany in the summer of 2015.